The Siliconezone Difference

How to choose silicone kitchenware.

We know there are many options when choosing silicone bakeware.  Understanding the differences in the product is key to performance of any silicone product.  Silicone products should be constructed out of 100% pure silicone, free of impurities.  There is a wide range raw materials used to manufacture silicone products.  We use the very best quality materials which allow our products to withstand the temperatures (e.g. oven,#microwave ovens, dishwashers, etc.) and maintain peak performance with even heating and perfect release.   

Consistent performance and a peace of mind for both the home cook and professional baker.

Silicone Zone uses the highest grade of silicone.  Siliconezone raw materials have passed FDA (USA) & LMBG (Europe) food safety tests.  Moreover, silicone zone products are used in the United States and European markets.  Our products are used by home cooks and the catering industry.  

and home kitchen has long been expanding in the pan#switch, and shows that silicone is absolutely harmless to human body and can#withstand very high temperatures. Silicone is a natural material, the density higher than the average plastic, is a superior plastic. Silicone does not contain toxic substances harmful to humans, and can withstand extremely high temperatures.

FDA approved and rigorous safety testing.

Extensive testing has shown that silicone is absolutely harmless to human body and can withstand very high temperatures without deformation of the shape, or damage to the pan.


A Pioneer in Silicone Products

Back in 2003, when kitchens are still the “clatter crash clack” of metal utensils, SiliconeZone introduced the first avant-garde silicone kitchenware into the market. Highlighting its flexible qualities, non-stick properties and ease in cleaning, responses from around the world was phenomenal. For more than a decade, SiliconeZone’s ingenuity has; quite literally synthesized a new kitchenware category.

Today SiliconeZone continues our tradition of innovation.  We have been recognized in numerous international design competitions, and received accolades from the media. Our maxim, “Life is Art” defines the motivation behind each product we create.  Beauty and function are the core principles that drive product development and performance. Started cooking with us and experience the "art"of culinary excellence.